What Insurance Group is the Cheapest?
What Insurance Group is the Cheapest?

What Insurance Group is the Cheapest?

Car insurance is essential since it helps you cover damage costs in case your car is involved in an accident or in the case where you lose it. Different insurance packages are offered in the UK and if you need a low-cost premium that will not hurt your pocket, here are the ten best insurance covers to pick in the UK.

One thing to know before you buy a car is that every UK road user is expected to have motor insurance which is usually paid for every year. Due to the increased cost of the insurance premium, it is quite hard to find a premium that is offered at low price hence the need to do thorough research when looking for affordable insurance.

The insurance premiums are calculated using different variables on the car. Therefore you may find that the cost of insuring the vehicle in a year has exceeded even more than the value that the car was bought at. So to avoid such huge expenses, it is recommended that you look for an affordable insurance cover near you.

Group 1 Insurance Cars

It is quite easy to avoid the high expenditure on the car insurance. The first thing to do is research about the cars that are cheap to insure. The car variables are used to determine how much money one will pay for the insurance coverage. So, make sure to review these charges based on the cars that are available on the market.

Also aside from focusing on finding a car that will not drain your bank account when getting it insured. Make sure to shop around regarding the available insurance companies and choose the one offering reasonable charges as well.

What cars are in insurance Group 1 and 2?

There are different platforms where you can find the companies that offer the best insurance covers such as the websites. But make sure to call the contacts that are provided by these companies and verify that the charges advertised on the page are correct. Also, by contacting them directly gives you a chance to negotiate for a better rate. The following are the top and best cheapest insurance covers for motorists in the UK. Note that all the insurance covers fall under the category of either 1 or 2 insurance groups.

Dacio Sandero 1.2

This makes it to our number one best and most cheap car to ensure in the UK. Dacio Sandero car has been in the market for a while, and even if the model is upgraded to the Sandero supermini, those who own the vehicle can still get cheap insurance using the number 2 model.

Hyundaii10 1.0
This is another model that is quite famous in the UK and can be found on different car dealer companies. Hyundai is manufactured in Korea, and it stands out among the few models that are quite affordable to insure, and it is also preferred thanks to its 1.0-liter petrol consumption. The car is of high quality, has a fast movement but it is much cheaper to maintain since the petrol consumption is low and the insurance premium is small as well.

Kia Picanto 1.0
This car model is grouped in the same category with the Hyundai regarding quality and the insurance offers. It has a 1.0-liter engine and can be used in both the group1 and 2 insurance covers. But for a better offer, it is recommended for group one insurance since it also comes with a long-term warranty. One drawback that a lot of people have noticed on this car is the slow engine function but, if you are looking for the car that is economical regarding consumption then don’t hesitate to acquire it.

Renault Twingo 1.0
If you want the cheapest car in the UK that will also help you save on the payment of the insurance covers, then Renault is just the right model of car to purchase. It moves at 1.0-liter petrol, and it is best in the group 2 insurance cover.

Seat Mii 1.0.
This car is compared to the models of the Volkswagen groups’ city project. Its mechanical design and function are also compared to the VW up, and Skoda Citigo plus the cars are also in the same group of insurance covers. These cars are considered to have the lowest rating since they move at 1.0 litres and a speed of 60bhp in S A/C, and SE tech cars with an insurance group 1. On the other hand, its other models which are the FR line and MANGO models fall in the group 2 and 3 insurance covers.

Skoda Citigo 1.0
The Skoda Citigo model is similar to VW, and it is grouped in category 1 of insurance. The car has 1.0-liter petrol and a 59bhp engine. The other models of this car such as the black edition with an engine from 74 bhp fall in group 2 of insurance.

Skoda Fabio 1.0
This is the third upgrade of this model of car, and it is best known for the ample space and the comfort that the car offers. It is sold at an affordable price, and when it comes to the insurance part, the car provides value for money as well.

Smart forFour 1.0
This car is designed like a sports car since the engine is equipped on the lower side of the boot floor and drives the rear wheels. This feature makes the car to move pretty fast and on different surfaces as well. The engine consumes about 185- litres.

Vauxhall Corsa 1.4
This is another category of car that is quite easy to insure, and it falls in the group 2. Although the car does not offer peppy turbocharger petrol, it is suitable for young people who are looking for a car that is cheap to insure.

Volkswagen up.
This is the third model of Volkswagen cars in the market, and its slower version and specifications are what makes it cheap to buy and insure, unlike other models. It is grouped in the number 1 category of insurance

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